North River Hockey serves two primary areas of hockey development. The first is our focus on putting together some of the best young talent on the east coast to compete in elite summer hockey tournaments. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where athletes are challenged to come together as a team while also showcasing their individual skills. And with coaches who have played at the collegiate and professional levels, as well as having extensive experience in the skill development field, our staff is able to help players navigate their way to top level performance.

In addition to our work with summer teams, the North River Hockey website is also a resource for players, coaches, and anyone else interested in a more in-depth look at the game. Each week we put out a new breakdown of a hockey play and discuss how the player and the problem interacted with one another. The analysis will aim to take on as much of an ecological lens as possible, meaning our scope is never just the biomechanics of the player, but an understanding of the environment/problem that helped the specific movement solution emerge.

Lastly, the site will also spend some time looking at interesting tactical decisions made by coaches from several different leagues (NCAA, OHL, USHL, etc.). We hope this information provides some education and discussion for those readers looking for a deeper insight into the game itself as well as thoughts on skill development and training practices.

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